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Battle of the Posters IX: Da Rulez

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The Posting Guidelines:


1. Comments during battle are prohibited.

As always, random chatter and non-battle stuff must be posted in General Discussion. If it's vitally necessary that you have to post something to a story, please post in GD the name of the thread, the author, and quote the part you want discussed. ANY non-story thread will be moved to GD.


2. One Paragraph Minimum.

Regardless of whether or not we're aiming for simplicity, complexity, or something else, each post should always be at least a paragraph in length (3 sentences / three full lines across the page). Unless for humor's sake, any less will hint towards a lack of effort from you. If this becomes the case, the post at hand will be deleted and you WILL feel the thunder.


3. Continue Thread VS. New Thread.

Start a NEW thread ONLY if your story A) is totally separate from the others. B) Something that takes the story in a new direction. In that case it should be marked as (Cont) C) If the story has reached 10 replies. Again, it should be marked (Cont).


4. Plots and Plans.

This is BOTP in its purest form. Plots and plans made ahead of time may get screwed up during the proceedings. Therefore, there will be NO WHINING when your plot gets screwed. We will delete these whiny threads and tear you a new one verbally.


5. Save Posts.

It is strongly, strongly, STRONGLY recommended that you keep your own posts saved in text documents of some kind, regardless of post size, and maybe even save other posts you really like. If the database gets wiped and you lose all your posts, don't come crying to us: it'll be your own damn fault.


Time Limits & Windows:


1. Sign up dates.

Signing up for a BOTP starts one month before that BOTP is scheduled to commence (in this case, June 1st is when sign-ups will start). As for signing up, all you need to do is create an appropriate character bio and post it in the character forum during this period of time.


2. Signing up Late.

If you miss the deadline for whatever given reason, you'll need to speak with the BOTP bigwigs about getting in. You'll have to practically beg to join, though, since anything less will make us doubt your commitment, which will most likely result in you getting denied. Furthermore, if you do get in the rules will be much harder on you until you prove yourself to be reliable. Late entries are considered up until the game is three weeks away from being over (August 10th).


3. You must post at least once a week.

Failing to make one acceptable post at least once a week will displease those who participate well and will most likely increase the chances of your character getting the boot, probably in a very unpleasant way. If you are a late entry you will immediately get your ass kicked out of the game if you break this rule. This rule has been superseded by the one below since folks have real-life things, or just plain mental blockage that may prevent them from making a deadline.


3. No more than ONE post in a 24-hour period.

Post and post often is the mantra we want to adhere to for this BOTP, but give someone else a chance to get a post in edgewise. So when you make a post, you're not going to be allowed to make another one for 24 hours from the time of your last post.


4. Start and End.

The entire game itself will run only for two months before it must come to a close. The end date can be extended by another month, but ONLY when the BOTP is doing so well that the majority of the posters don't want it to end: no other circumstances will result in an extension. To the point, BOTP9 will go from July 1st to August 31st.


Battle & Story Rules:


1. Keep ALL attacks reasonable.

No, "I use KI to blow up the universe" or "I summon a fleet of 83,246,018,264 heavily armed X-Wings carrying neutron bombs."


2. Your character and battles.

You can write about your character and set up battles with someone else’s character, but once the battle starts, the outcome is out of the hands of BOTH parties involved. Someone else will have to write the outcome.


3. Once your character is dead or you quit, that's it they're done.

You can write about other characters, but your guy is going to have to sit out the rest of the Battle. You can still continue to contribute, however, and it is strongly recommended that you do so.


4. Introducing your Character.

When the battle starts, you can either start a new post to introduce your character or reply to an existing post to introduce your character. Other participants are prohibited from introducing non-introduced characters that aren't their own, but if a week passes since the start of the battle and there are still characters yet to be introduced then ANYONE can introduce said characters.


5. ALL bios should be formatted using the Character Data Sheet.

All characters are required to have a standard attacking move and standard defending move. Optional spaces exist for either 3 special moves or 1 special move and 1 super move (put more simply, you have 3 slots to use: special moves take up 1 slot and supers take up 2. The math shouldn't be hard from there). Think of the two standard moves as abilities your character can always fall back on, while specials are more like tricks they have hidden up their sleeves, supers being the trump cards that provide great power at a great price. Whether a special/super is offensive or defensive is up to the poster.


As is often mentioned in the sheet itself, try to keep things simple. If a profile is bigger than a page and a half in Word (Ariel, size 10 font) then it is probably too big.

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