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Battle of the Posters IX: Character Data Sheet

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Personal Information


Age: [in Earth-a-nese, yo.]

Sex: [is not the answer, it is the question. Yes is the answer.]

Race: [Human, werewolf, luscious gynoid, chimpanzee, etc.]

Occupation: [What your darling angel does when not drinking ale from the skulls of the slain.]

Dialogue: [Choose your character's flavor from da table o' colours.]


Character Bio

[background, personality, their reason for coming to the Garden or stance if they just got plopped there, say it all, yo. You might wanna mention any pre-existing grudges and alliances your character holds. Try to be simple and brief with this: a single paragraph should do!]


Physical Appearance

[What does your character look like? Do they have fangs? A cybernetic arm built in Sweden? Are they constantly soaked in their own drool? Note such details here, and include wardrobe unless your character is some birthday suit freak, and, as before, keep this tidily condensed in one paragraph. 'Course, if you have a picture you can just pick and flick them words and unveil said picture instead. Height and weight can go here, too, if you wanna add them details.]


Notable Skills

[Can they do kung fu? Do they gots mad first-aid skillz? Can they eviscerate themselves and beat people over the head with it? Whether they can do pantomime or dance with lawnmowers, put all such skills here. This section can also include natural skills, such as regeneration, telepathy, and the ability to cry coffee. Remember to keep this to a paragraph if you want to see your precious gnome again.]


Basic Battle Assessment

Choice Weapon: [The name(s) of your character's weapon(s), whether they be swords, guns, 'stache trimmers, and anything in between. Give brief descriptions IF NECESSARY.]

Defensive Measures: [same deal as above, only this applies to shields, force field generators, manhole covers, and other such things. As before, give BRIEF descriptions ONLY if you have TO.]

Miscellaneous Gear: [if your character has any other helpful item on their person, such as a communicator or map, you can list it here.]

Fighting Style: [How does your character beat the tar out of their opponents? Keep it concise and to-the-point if ya can, this ain't no lecture, baby.]


Signature Techniques

Normal Attack: [Required normal attack for da hurtings n' mashings.]

Normal Defense: [Required normal defense for da dodgings and blockings.]

Optional Slots (3): [Extra slots for your guy's / gal's signature moves. You can either go for some wholesome versatility and give THREE special techniques OR use two of them slots for ONE super technique as your character's trump card and have the last slot for ONE special technique.]

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[bgcolor=RED]||||||||[/bgcolor] RED

[bgcolor=CRIMSON]||||||||[/bgcolor] CRIMSON

[bgcolor=TOMATO]||||||||[/bgcolor] TOMATO

[bgcolor=DARKRED]||||||||[/bgcolor] DARKRED



[bgcolor=YELLOW]||||||||[/bgcolor] YELLOW

[bgcolor=ORANGE]||||||||[/bgcolor] ORANGE

[bgcolor=GOLD]||||||||[/bgcolor] GOLD

[bgcolor=KHAKI]||||||||[/bgcolor] KHAKI


[bgcolor=GREEN]||||||||[/bgcolor] GREEN

[bgcolor=LIMEGREEN]||||||||[/bgcolor] LIMEGREEN

[bgcolor=SPRINGGREEN]||||||||[/bgcolor] SPRINGGREEN

[bgcolor=LIGHTGREEN]||||||||[/bgcolor] LIGHTGREEN


[bgcolor=CHARTREUSE]||||||||[/bgcolor] CHARTREUSE

[bgcolor=SEAGREEN]||||||||[/bgcolor] SEAGREEN

[bgcolor=OLIVE]||||||||[/bgcolor] OLIVE

[bgcolor=OLIVEDRAB]||||||||[/bgcolor] OLIVEDRAB


[bgcolor=BLUE]||||||||[/bgcolor] BLUE DON'T USE. MAKES FOR ILLEGIBLE TEXT, YO!

[bgcolor=ROYALBLUE]||||||||[/bgcolor] ROYALBLUE

[bgcolor=DODGERBLUE]||||||||[/bgcolor] DODGERBLUE

[bgcolor=SKYBLUE]||||||||[/bgcolor] SKYBLUE


[bgcolor=CYAN]||||||||[/bgcolor] CYAN

[bgcolor=TEAL]||||||||[/bgcolor] TEAL

[bgcolor=STEELBLUE]||||||||[/bgcolor] STEELBLUE

[bgcolor=AQUAMARINE]||||||||[/bgcolor] AQUAMARINE


[bgcolor=PURPLE]||||||||[/bgcolor] PURPLE

[bgcolor=MAGENTA]||||||||[/bgcolor] MAGENTA

[bgcolor=VIOLET]||||||||[/bgcolor] VIOLET

[bgcolor=DARKVIOLET]||||||||[/bgcolor] DARKVIOLET


[bgcolor=PINK]||||||||[/bgcolor] PINK

[bgcolor=HOTPINK]||||||||[/bgcolor] HOTPINK

[bgcolor=DEEPPINK]||||||||[/bgcolor] DEEPPINK

[bgcolor=SALMON]||||||||[/bgcolor] SALMON


[bgcolor=TAN]||||||||[/bgcolor] TAN

[bgcolor=PERU]||||||||[/bgcolor] PERU

[bgcolor=CHOCOLATE]||||||||[/bgcolor] CHOCOLATE

[bgcolor=SIENNA]||||||||[/bgcolor] SIENNA


[bgcolor=GRAY]||||||||[/bgcolor] GRAY

[bgcolor=DIMGRAY]||||||||[/bgcolor] DIMGRAY

[bgcolor=SLATEGRAY]||||||||[/bgcolor] SLATEGRAY

[bgcolor=GAINSBORO]||||||||[/bgcolor] GAINSBORO

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