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Battle of the Posters IX: Unknown Garden

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The Unknown Garden, an overlooked structure of supposedly cosmic size that has hung in the darkest regions of space where even the stars dare not shine. Nobody knows who built it, why it was built, or even how it came to be, but one thing is certain: it houses countless environments both seen and unseen throughout the multiverse, along with all manner of beasts, plants, and machines of the same clarity that tenaciously hunt down any intruder that finds footing within the structure. Secret areas and traps lay hidden amongst the many corridors and chambers that tangle to create the maze that is the Garden's innards, as well as the tombs of many an adventurer that dared to step inside.


One day, a voice echoed through and beyond the void the Unknown Garden existed in, reaching to far off worlds and dimensions with a message all could interpret.


"Come...This world can wait no longer... Stirring, more and more...Come."


And the Unknown Garden continued to float in emptiness, inching ever closer to its intangible end. The challenge of enigmatic origin led paths towards its final destination. Flashes of light scattered across the multiverse calling some, pulling others. A prize lay in wait within the Garden, this knowledge soon to give rise to yet another clash amongst some of the most potent fighters ever known. It was only a matter of time...



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