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A New Old Face

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A thick silence permeated the room Sasuke stood in. One moment he was about to get his first action of the new century, next he was alone in a colorless chamber that slowly filled with his growing discontent.


"Alright, you guys had your fun," Sasuke said, rolling his eyes, "now come on, I'm starting to lose my drive here..."


No response. An incoherent mumbling escaped Sasuke as he looked around, pausing as he came to a realization. He looked down at his hand.


"Here?" he said curiously, his vision swinging to his sides and as far as he could see behind. "She isn't..." Sasuke's vision shifted upwards as he went back to apparently talking to himself. "Guys? Yo? Anyone?"


Again, no response. A brief hum of contemplation came from Sasuke as he crossed his arms and tapped the ground with his right foot.


"Well, taking a feel around, this place IS relatively unfamiliar," he thought aloud. "Some omnipotent force or another must have brought me here. That's one scenario, anyway. Guess I should see what there is around here."


Sasuke turned and spotted a door, the only way out of the room. Passing through, he found himself in a much larger, blocky chamber, colorless like the last. He walked pass what obstacles he could and cleared any that merited a simple jump, getting halfway through the room when a rattling snarl caught his attention. His eyes moved to the left to spot a cluster of glistening beads fast approaching from the dark, the snarling turning into a bellow as rows of jagged teeth became visible, ignorant to the enigmatic aura that began expanding from Sasuke. An unfathomable moment passed and the creature slid away in a quivering heap, its cells overwhelmed with pain.


"That'll learn ya," Sasuke said, watching as the creature struggled to its feet and fled yelping into the dark, tripping once with a grunt before vanishing. "No robot on the menu tonight."


The room suddenly blurred as Sasuke felt an alien force wash over him, a voiceless whisper entering his mind as he stood motionlessly.


"A prize exists within this world, a prize only for a few to seek. Who will prevail... or will the Unknown Garden overwhelm all?"


With that the force vanished completely, Sasuke blinking a few times before letting out a laugh.


"Ha, so THAT'S what it is, huh?" he grinned. "Okay, then, I better cut this out, then!" The aura surrounding him was pulled back with a comical slurp before he continued, small blue squares flashing across his eyes. "Disable that, disable that, disable that... reduce that, disable that... disable that...... oh yeah, better disable that, mm-hm... disable that, disable that... heh, enable THAT... aaaaaand... set that to random. Done!"


Sasuke slammed his fists together, a competitive fury burning in his eyes as a different kind of drive swelled within him.


"Alright, bean baskets! I'm back, and I'm here to bring da thunda! DA THUNDA, BABY!!!"

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