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Well...Here I am.

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Floating, endless floating over a giant blue and green sphere, hurtling through space at an incredible speed.


Now that is beautiful, Max thought as he hovered over the planet. Wish I could check out that island right there…Looks kinda nice.


He sighed as he watched a piece of debris from the former space station float beneath him. He had yet to see any remains of his teammates go by yet. A fact he was grateful for. He checked the readout on his suit. Less than three minutes of air left. He sighed as he waited, watching the number count slowly down, which was getting more and more interesting he found. Almost as interesting as the shimmer that kept appearing in front of him for the last several seconds now. He deigned to take notice of the shimmer as it seemed to desperately want his attention, stupid thing wouldn’t go away.


“Yes?†Max said. “Can I help you?â€


No response. He shrugged at the shimmers rudeness. He didn’t really expect a response, but it would certainly be nice if it had returned his rather polite question after spending so much time trying to get his attention. Max sighed again and went back to watching the number count down. A minute and fifteen seconds left now.


Another piece of debris floated by almost twenty feet away. Max watched it, and was rather taken aback when for a moment it seemed to split into two pieces as it passed behind the shimmer. Max stared.


Now that’s odd, he thought and reached his hand out.


The shimmer increased as his hand touched a solid object that his eyes couldn’t see.


Only thing that does that, Max thought, at least that I’m aware of, is a cloaked…Something.


He pressed harder, and then slapped his palm against the object. A ripple echoed around what appeared to be a cloaked vessel.


“No way,†Max said. “It can’t be.â€


He reached his other hand out, finding a familiar crack running through the outer hull.


“L I’ll be,†Max said, “M R Ducks.â€


He checked the readout on his suit once again. Twenty seconds of air left. His mind raced through the time it took to cycle an airlock twice, as he pulled himself across the invisible ship. He easily found the hatch on the back and punched in his code. Numbers flashed as the airlock depressurized itself. Thirty seconds at least while in a vacuum. He looked at the readout for his suit, five seconds remained. Max sucked in his last breath, and waited. He observed the stars around him as the seconds ticked past. The door opened and he hauled himself inside. Once inside he wasted no time in finding the cycle button, bashing it down with his fist. The door slammed shut, and silence darkness enclosed the room. Max waited, knowing any second now air would flood the room.



………Any second now.


His lungs began to burn, panic started to poke his brain. So he smacked panic away and moved to a panel next to the cycle button and pulled it off. A quick examination and he found the problem. No power left. Apparently the ship had used the last of its reserves to simply open the door. Max sighed, or would have if he had any air left, and set to work. He pushed himself to the top of the room, and bashed open another panel which had a bright yellow tag labeled “solar power.†The inside of this panel was also dark, no big surprise there Max figured. He felt around and found a large lever, and jerked it down. The ship shuddered, and then was still. Max would have cursed, but again, no air left. He pushed his head through and saw that the device was jammed. He reached in and pulled out a piece of wood with a small note on it.




Max grinned and used the stick to smack the device, and it popped back into place and slid up to the outer hull of the ship. A hum sounded through the ship as solar energy was fed into the airlock systems. Within moments a hiss was heard throughout the room as air flooded the chamber. Max’s lungs were on fire, and blackness had begun to surround his vision, when his suit detected the oxygen and began to feed it to him. He breathed a long held breath, and slowly his vision cleared.


“That was cutting it a little close,†Max said.


It didn’t dawn on him that he was still floating on the ceiling, until the gravity kicked in and dropped him to the floor with a loud clang.




Max slowly pulled himself to his feet and waited for the air in the ship to reach the level it needed to be so that he could live, and then the door slid open. He walked slowly to the chair in the center of the cockpit and dropped into it.


“Hello old friend,†he said to his ship, which also didn’t respond. But again, that was ok. He would have been worried if it had.


Weariness washed over him and he fell asleep.


Several minutes later, the console flashed to life. Letters scrawling across it.




The ship glowed to life as it pulled out of the atmosphere of the planet, and disappeared into the inky blackness.


Max groaned as he slowly awoke to the feeling of something sliding from around his body. His eyes opened just in time to see a human shaped casket of some kind lift itself from over him. He shivered as air hit him, and he realized he was soaked. He looked around, trying to determine exactly what was going on. He had never had a device like that on his ship before. He checked the readout in front of him.




“Cryo stasis?†Max said. “Since when do I have a cryo stasis system?â€


A blinking light on another console caught his attention. He turned to it, the navigation and star chart system, and read its flashing message.


“Unknown star system,†Max said. “And great…Smartest ship I know and it doesn’t know what is going on. Last time I build my own computer. Way to many issues. I am so going with something I can get a warranty next time.â€


Then his eyes caught the date.


“Huh,†was all that Max said for awhile. “Two years later…Give or take…That’s kind of an odd date.â€


Yet another screen flashed to light as a large object was detected ahead. Max pulled it up on the main viewer and was met with the sight of a planet sized, spherical, object that seemed to be moving towards him. He grabbed the controls and quickly tried to steer away, but the controls wouldn’t move.


“Locked,†Max muttered.


He watched silently as his ship slowly floated closer and closer to the object. In a moment, he would hit the outer hull, and probably crushed. He sighed.


“Oh well,†Max said. “It was a good run I guess. Kinda wish I hadn’t slept through the last two years of it though. Although that dream about Transformers three and them crushing those two monkey like things that had shown up in the second movie had been nice. Yeah…Crushed em good. Right along with the creators of Borat and that other one, Bruno. Heh, Titanic falling from the sky and everything. And some odd monkey thing on a tricycle too, although I have no idea what he was doing there.â€


Max sighed as his ship hit the objects outer hull, metal he saw. And then…He wasn’t crushed. Instead darkness filled the screen, and then lights began to flip on and fill what appeared to be a hanger of some kind. The size of the room was staggering, but only two or three ships seemed to occupy the incredible space. Max’s ship slowly lowered itself next to one of the others.


Max stared for a good while at his new surroundings.


“Huh, roomy,†he said.


He moved to the back of his ship and found his equipment placed neatly in a closet. He looked down at himself and found that not only was he soaked from whatever liquid he had been sleeping in, but his armor had indeed been removed. He picked it all up and settled it onto his still dripping clothes. Once he was ready he moved for the back airlock once again, but then he stopped. He turned and strode back to the console, and found that the controls were once again back under his control. He paused, and then began typing instructions into the system. Then once again he moved to the hatch and stepped outside. Once there, he watched as the ship started following his commands as soon as the air hatch had closed. It lifted into the air, and disappeared through the wall back into open space, waiting for his signal should he need to use it.

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